The home of competitive hacking.

Tournaments, leagues and ladders for security professionals and students.

It's about making security fun & competitive

Learn without limits - Win real prizes - Recruit real pros

Compete with the best

The first ever ladder with a live PvP-CTF matchmaking system.

Allowing anyone to hack for swag, glory and real prizes!

Engage with the brightest

security recruitment done right.

Reach security folks by creating authentic and engaging competitive experiences in a breeze.

Organize your own

Run security competitions for a community of passionate hackers or invite your own folks.

Made to surprise

Our challenge generation engine is capable of generating unfroseen vulnreable environments - So no challenge is ever the same

Exercise Haven

from web security to kernel exploitation; our engine can introduce vulnerabilities into otherwise

non-vulnerable systems and thus provide ever changing environments

Design with ease

A Drag-n-Drop interface to create vulnurable environments.

simply pick a vulnerability, and compatable nodes will light-up

Welcome security into e-sports

Ideal for beginners, hackers, gamers, instructors & organizations alike

Sec' Arcade is a high-quality solution for those who want to be able to hack new targets every day.

Solving Metasploitable is not quite exciting, is it? but what if you could do it while another person is competing against you for a prize, and instead of metasploitable you get a VM that was never seen before - just for YOUR match.

Amazingly sophisticated engine

This technology allows us to provide a fresh challenge every time, and this in turn is enabling us to merge the concept of e-spots with cyber security.

Tons of Vulnerabilities

We provide you with the platform, all that is left is for you to climb to the top

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